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Elizabeth Gollihue; Photographer Artist Columbus College of Art and Design. 21 years old. <3

2014 Student Show




I got a few pieces up in the CCAD 2014 student show this year including these and a couple other that I unfortunately did not take pictures of. I’m so excited that these will be up for an entire year and I’m proud to have it all included in the show. Thank you, CCAD 🙂


product shots

With graduation being just a couple weeks away and being almost finished putting my portfolio together, I thought I would need a lot more photographs of products to include. Also applying to jobs to be a product photographer. After critique, I realized there are a few technical issues with these photographs so I would like to re shoot soon. Here is my first part of the product images.



For my latest Photography project, I photographed my friend Kendra in the studio doing Gymnastics. Kendra has been a Gymnast almost her whole life and travels all over to judge and compete. I wanted to show the amazing way the body looks and moves while in the midst of a trick lasting about a second.





Fashion Photo Class

The semester is in full swing and I’m busier than ever. busy busy busy! Fashion Photography has thrown a few projects at me and here are a few examples of the work i’ve been making for it.ImageImage


I’m trying to come up with lots of ideas for lifestyle photography. So if you or anyone you know does anything cool and wants to model for me and be in my photographs, i’d love to! 

spring semester beginnings

Well, here it is… the very last and final semester of collage. I can’t believe how the last four years have gone and the end is so near. This semester I am in one photography class, Fashion photography and I hope to focus more on one thing at a time, each project well thought out and planned. I also plan on finalizing my portfolio and creating a lot more work focusing on lifestyle, landscape and product photography. 

The other classes I am taking are Ceramics, Watercolor, Printmaking and Film& Literature. So I’m definitely immersing myself in the world of fine arts for my last few months at CCAD. I also hope to continue ceramics after school.

It’s a busy schedule with 8am classes every day of the week and the every other day working till around 11:30pm. But it’ll all be worth it in the end 🙂

Here’s to a great final semester filled with success and amazing artwork 🙂


here is some of the work i’ve done recently. you can see more on my Flickr page.