Myrtle Beach

A couple weeks ago Don and I took a weekend trip during school to Myrtle Beach to take pictures. I wanted to do this for some time to work on getting more lifestyle photography and landscapes. I needed more work that represents myself to use for business cards, website, portfolio and a lot of other things. So this trip was definitely worth it! We stayed with my awesome friend, Devin who attends Coastal Carolina. Devin showed us around and took us to some really great places to shoot! Staying with her, we didn’t have to pay for a room and the only thing we really had to spend money on was gas. It was so much fun and I would really love to do it again soon! Next time, Focusing on one specific thing like surfing, buying a protective cover for my camera and really getting in on the action. I took around 1,500 pictures in the few days we were there so of course I can’t put up everything but here are a few. To see more, check out my Flickr page!


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