Business Cards!

My business cards are finally in and I couldn’t be more excited! I designed them myself and each card had a different photograph on it. Here are a couple examples!







On the side of school work, I’ve been photographing melody for her monthly pictures. Her mom, Megan has some pretty awesome ideas for themes and here are a few 🙂





Myrtle Beach

A couple weeks ago Don and I took a weekend trip during school to Myrtle Beach to take pictures. I wanted to do this for some time to work on getting more lifestyle photography and landscapes. I needed more work that represents myself to use for business cards, website, portfolio and a lot of other things. So this trip was definitely worth it! We stayed with my awesome friend, Devin who attends Coastal Carolina. Devin showed us around and took us to some really great places to shoot! Staying with her, we didn’t have to pay for a room and the only thing we really had to spend money on was gas. It was so much fun and I would really love to do it again soon! Next time, Focusing on one specific thing like surfing, buying a protective cover for my camera and really getting in on the action. I took around 1,500 pictures in the few days we were there so of course I can’t put up everything but here are a few. To see more, check out my Flickr page!

Fashion & Fishing

I recently went back home to do a project for my projects class and my idea was to take photographs that are fashion inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch who I actually just interviewed with. I used myself in the photos which was new for me and something i’ve never done before. My boyfriend also modeled and did a great job fitting the part because fishing is something that we like to do a lot in ourspare time. It was natural and I wanted to capture that.

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Websites & Links

So I just wanted to keep everyone updated that my website is still under construction but if you want to go over and check it out anyway, it’s

On my website I have links to my Flickr page where I post almost all of my photographs.

There is also a link to this blog page where I keep everyone update with whats going on in my school and work.

From here (The page you are reading) I have links to my Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The only thing that is not linked is my Pinterest page which you can find here :


I guess you can find me pretty much anywhere on the internet! 


Spring Semester : Senior Year Update

This semester I have found that most of my classes are pretty laid back because since its senior year, they want us creating work on our own with not as man guidelines. We’re making our own syllabuses, basically. Though I am in a portfolio class, so I am currently setting up my own professional website and business cards. I’ve been out every weekend photographing and coming up with new work for all of these things. In my art, I’ve been really trying to focus on lifestyle photography and landscapes. So this weekend I’m going to take a spontaneous trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to make new art work, see new things and take tons of photos. I’m so excited!

Last weekend, I went home to Deer Creek and decided to go and photograph the sunset over the water by the dam. Here are those images.

ImageImageImageImage ImageImage