Summer Update.

Hey Everyone,

I know I haven’t posted much this summer but I’ve been very busy working two jobs. One of which is my internship at A Moment in Time Studio. It has been such a wonderful experience. LOTS of hard work but very rewarding and i’m learning so much about lighting, posing and business. So excited to put what I’ve been learning to use this fall in school 🙂 I haven’t had a lot of time to work on many projects outside of work but I have done a couple small shoots for some family friends. I did Melody’s 4 month pictures and we posed her next to a pool like a little beach babe. Image


After that, Her family wanted a session of their own for her son Kane. 





Then tonight as I was going on my evening run, The sunset was absolutely gorgeous. I grabbed my camera and photographed my blue Honda Civic ❤



Next week I’ll be heading back to Kentucky and Tennessee for the entire week for two family reunions. My whole family is from down south so I’m so excited to go and visit everyone and celebrate the 4th of July! I’ll be sure to take tons of Photos while I’m there. I also plan on bringing along several film cameras and some inferred fim and shooting a series inspired by the people from the show American Pickers. I won’t go into too much detail about it right now but stay posted and they’ll be up as soon as a can get myself into a darkroom. 


Happy 4th! 


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