Documentary Update

I know I’ve been giving a lot of updates for two of my classes, digital Imaging and Studio but I haven’t been saying much lately about my documentary class.

Here’s what is going on: We have a long project assignment that is our final project and extends until the end of the semester. For this I have decided to expand the first project I did for the class (Documenting the Kmart stores, new and old and displaying them in diptychs to show the changes in them through the decay)In this expansion I decided to branch out from just Kmart and go to other stores such as a mall, a Meijer, Macy’s, and also reshooting Kmart. I have been visiting and shooting these locations new and old every week for the past month and have been coming up with very many images and have been piecing them together in the diptychs. So that is just an update for now and I will post the final products at the end of the semester when I have finished! 


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