Digital Imaging Exhibition Update

So i’ve been working very hard the past few weeks to prepare for my Digital Imaging’s class Exhibition! I’m so excited and have been anxious to tell everyone about it. Everyone in the class is creating a series of works to show and it will be held at the downtown Columbus YMCA. (I will post details a little later) Our title is called Echos..

 Echo is a powerful word that can stand alone. This word and idea can cater to the ideas that everyone has already brewing in their minds. For example, I already shot and had the idea to make photographs of caves and underground rock formations; someone else had the idea to use body, figure and anatomy. Echo can mean one thing but can be represented in many ways. It can be physical scientific vibrations of sound, the sound of vocals coming from ones throat or body, or even the echo’s you hear inside of a cave. Echo is a beautiful and strong word that can stand alone and is also open ended so that we as a class can have the freedom to represent it however we choose with our artwork. 

The class have been hard at work making post cards, a catalog, preparing our own work and many other things to prepare for this exhibition. For mine I have decided on my exhibition space, The fireplace and mantle.


I plan on making 3 large framed photographs (22.375×34 inch) for the top of the mantle and then one large horizontal photograph to fill the inside of the fireplace which dimensions are 3ftx5ft to represent an actual cave. 

I will be printing and framing next week and will be making all of my finishing touches! I will update you all again for the dates, time and address so I would love to see everyone make it! I’m very proud of this project and of my class for putting together such a wonderful project and I can’t wait to show it off! 

Here are my images I will be showing: 





For my final print I will be choosing between these two images so I would love opinions to help! 🙂




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