Studio – Reflections



For this week’s assignment, we are working on being able to control objects with direct reflections.


Memories – Image/Text



The Public Pool

_MG_9134wmk _MG_9142wmk


The House That Built Me

_MG_9147wmk _MG_9149wmk

The Boyscout Building

_MG_9154wmk _MG_9162wmk

The Baseball Field

_MG_9177wmk _MG_9187wmk

The High School

This project for my Digital Imaging Class, we had to combine images and text by naming our images. I decided to go visit some of the most memorable places in my hometown and photograph them. This wasn’t easy for me because all of these places were so close to me. It has been a two year process but since I started college I have graduated and moved out and in the last year I helped my mom move out of the house I lived in for 14 years and everything in my life has changed. I went back and photographed them.