Studio Project 2 – Moods

Here i used sunglasses to create two different moods. white background with an intense shadow and a black background with no shadow. 




Documentary Project 1

_MG_8221wmk _MG_8198_1wmk _MG_8179wmk _MG_8168 wmk _MG_8161wmk _MG_8154wmk _MG_8145wmk _MG_8143wmk _MG_8116wmk _MG_8114wmk

For this project in my documentary class, we were to take photos of a certain thing and to show it in different aspects. I decided to photograph a store when it is going in full force and at it’s best and then same store after it has been shut down and abandoned. It’s very interesting to see the differences between the two and that is what i’m trying to show in these photos.

Happy New Year! 365 Project.

Hello, 2013!

Hope everyone’s break is going amazing and you all had a great christmas, I know I did.

So for the new year I’m finally starting a project i’ve been wanting to do for a long time and was never able to because of not having internet access. I’m starting the 365 PROJECT! For those of you who don’t know, I will be taking and posting one photo a day for the entire year. It will definitely be a challenge but i’m so excited about this. I’ve unfortunately been lacking so much inspiration lately and just been in an artistic block all year but i’m ready to get out of that and use my camera every single day. Hopefully get the inspiration and passion of photography back into my life. I hope you all decide to keep up with my work in this project and i’ll be posting on my Flickr account and my Facebook (there are links at the top of my wordpress page). Be sure to leave me lots of feedback throughout the year 🙂