Jewelry Final Project: Pocket Watch

My idea for this project was to create a time capsule. I made a metal form out of brass to create the look of an old pocket watch. On the inside of the front, I pieced together little clips to hold in the glass. On the inside is a photograph of my boyfriend and I at a lake. Shot in color film and digitally turned black and white. I also put some sand, jeweled beads and a little glitter on the inside that rolls around freely. It snaps shut on the back and is meant to stay permanently closed.








Columbus Zoo Lights 2012!

I went to the Zoo lights, the night before last with my boyfriend Don at the Columbus Zoo and shot a few pictures while i was there 🙂

Check them out!

Van Dyke Final Project


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In my Photo Sensitive class we just finished this project, learning the Van Dyke process. I loved it. I decided to shoot flowers because looking around this fall, everything in nature is dead, preparing for winter. I wanted to display something that represented life, beauty and romance. These photos were taken a   the Franklin Park Conservatory. Here is a shot of the critique: