Anatomy Final Project

For my Anatomy final project, I wrote a seven page paper about the science of Epigenetics. The definition is “The study of Heritable changes that occur without a change in the DNA sequence.”

To sum it up, Epigenetics shows that what you do today, what you eat, how you treat your body, stress or even a traumatic event can effect not only you, but your future generations. Scientists have proven that all of us and espically pregnant woman, are most definitely able to pass these things on to our grandchildren and their children through DNA with just the change that that gene will be switched on or off.

For this project, we were to also come up with a piece of art to represent our topic, as you see here. My idea was to represent then and now. I wanted to show photographs my grandmother and grandfather in their daily lives and re create the photographs today with her descendants (children and grandchildren). In the photos, you can see the difference in technology but also the similarities of the genetics in their appearances. I think this project was definitely appropriate for the project, for representing Epigenitics and I plan on continuing this project a lot further for future projects.


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