D4M Final Project: Augmented Reality

For this project, we are to create a piece of artwork based off of augmented reality. My idea is to use this thing i have, called a star projector that i got last year for Christmas. This is a light that actually projects stars and constellations all over a dark room.


I’ve been wanting to do this project or a while and this seems like the perfect opportunity. I basically want to use the projector to create a story about dreams. I will set up several different scenes to place the projector and people of all ages and kinds will find it in places they are the most comfortable. Such as beds, homes(wherever they may live)the park, barns or back yards. You don’t know what this thing is but it will be dreamlike and beautiful. It will give everyone in these photos a sense of hope with whatever they are going through in each of their lives.

To bring Augmented reality into this, I want to play around with the placement of the projector. Where i could place it in a scene that will augment the reality of it or change the movement of it’s lighting. For example, I would like to play around with maybe putting it in a tunnel at the park or even a room full of mirrors.

Time Line:

Week One: Sketches

Week Two-Three: Shooting

Week Three-Four: Editing & Finished Product.


Here are some sketches I’ve come up with for scenes I would be interested in playing with.




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