Anatomy Final Project

For my Anatomy final project, I wrote a seven page paper about the science of Epigenetics. The definition is “The study of Heritable changes that occur without a change in the DNA sequence.”

To sum it up, Epigenetics shows that what you do today, what you eat, how you treat your body, stress or even a traumatic event can effect not only you, but your future generations. Scientists have proven that all of us and espically pregnant woman, are most definitely able to pass these things on to our grandchildren and their children through DNA with just the change that that gene will be switched on or off.

For this project, we were to also come up with a piece of art to represent our topic, as you see here. My idea was to represent then and now. I wanted to show photographs my grandmother and grandfather in their daily lives and re create the photographs today with her descendants (children and grandchildren). In the photos, you can see the difference in technology but also the similarities of the genetics in their appearances. I think this project was definitely appropriate for the project, for representing Epigenitics and I plan on continuing this project a lot further for future projects.


Van Dyke Post #1 Flower Contact Sheet


Van Dyke Post #1 Flower Contact Sheet

Hey guys,
So in my Photo Sensitive Materials class we just finished with the Cyanotype process and are now learning VAN DYKE! I’m pretty excited about it:)
So my idea for this project was inspired from an artist named Heyoka that I actually came across on Flickr with a gorgeous Van Dyke photograph of a flower,  which you see here:

I loved it and it became my inspiration for this project. My first step was obviously to go out and shoot, but then to make my digital negatives so then I will be able to begin the process later this week!

D4M Final Project post #3

This week, I began doing practice shots using the star light because I want everyone to get a better idea of what I am working with. Here I just photographed myself with the light as a practice. I’ve been shooting with the light and all is going well except for the fact that the light bulb went out, so there is an obstacle I will have to overcome and try to find another for it. So keep checking back and see what I come up with!ImageImageImage

Jewelry Module Project


Jewelry Module Project

So i just finished this project in my jewelry class called the module project. A module is a set of independent units that are put together to make a whole piece. We were required to make a piece of jewelry that consisted of 6 exact pieces so that we could learn the process of reproducing the same thing multiple times. I decided to make 6 hearts and place them upwards and downwards, also making the chain links on my own to create a bracelet.

D4M Final Project: Augmented Reality

For this project, we are to create a piece of artwork based off of augmented reality. My idea is to use this thing i have, called a star projector that i got last year for Christmas. This is a light that actually projects stars and constellations all over a dark room.


I’ve been wanting to do this project or a while and this seems like the perfect opportunity. I basically want to use the projector to create a story about dreams. I will set up several different scenes to place the projector and people of all ages and kinds will find it in places they are the most comfortable. Such as beds, homes(wherever they may live)the park, barns or back yards. You don’t know what this thing is but it will be dreamlike and beautiful. It will give everyone in these photos a sense of hope with whatever they are going through in each of their lives.

To bring Augmented reality into this, I want to play around with the placement of the projector. Where i could place it in a scene that will augment the reality of it or change the movement of it’s lighting. For example, I would like to play around with maybe putting it in a tunnel at the park or even a room full of mirrors.

Time Line:

Week One: Sketches

Week Two-Three: Shooting

Week Three-Four: Editing & Finished Product.


Here are some sketches I’ve come up with for scenes I would be interested in playing with.




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This post is a summary of all the jewelry final pieces I have made this semester!

The arm bracelet was the first piece I made when experimenting with using wire. Made out of copper.

The twisted silver colored ring was also another piece I made when experimenting with wire.

My Planar project was the two shank, one finger ring. Made out of Brass. This project was made for me to learn how to sadder and also to learn different finishes.

And the most recent piece was my bezeled ring. This ring was made to learn how to bezel set(place a stone within metal). I chose to use a light green stone to represent the color of my birthstone and I also used two types of metal, copper for the shank and brass for the bezel.

Here they are:


Cyanotype Project Part One :

For this project in my Photo Sensitive Materials class, We are learning the Cyanotype process. This is the first step in the process.

My idea is to shoot photos of trees to go with the material I will be using. Which is blue tinted white handmade textured paper. It is a very fragile paper that is very easy to fall apart during the washing processes but I love the end result and have decided to go ahead and make a whole series based off of my first print (Which I will soon post).

This step in the process is just shooting the photographs. I have made them black and white and I will be making them into digital 8×10 and larger negatives next.

After that,  I will begin the Cyanotype process and afterward tone my finished product to come out with my end result.

I’m very excited about this project so stay tuned with my blog to see what I come up with!