Pipeline : Day One

Today was the first day of our second project in Design for Media. 3 students were picked, here were the results: Donald Y.  (36.1%)  Project Yoakam
Jinny H. & Laura M. (35.1%) The Ugly Dinosaur
Emma P. (27.3%) The Lost Files


I decided to choose to work on “The lost files” by Emma Pennington. This will be a short, one to two minute film about an art student who is trying to retrieve her lost work which is then personified into a little troll and she begins chasing the troll through the internet.

I think this will be a fun project and step out of my profession and work on a little animation with a very large group.

Today we split our group into smaller groups such as, Director, Head of Art Direction, Head of Editorial, 
Story Crew, Background artist, Character Designer, Animation Crew, Sound, Scribe, Branding, Documentary director, Doc. Crew and Publisher.

I will be part of the Documentary Crew and Photographer. Our job, in the documentary crew is to basically document the entire process of this project with photos and videos for the weekly blogposts and the final product. 

Next week will be continuing with the process so until then, check out our weekly blog for the project at this link: http://lostfilesccad.blogspot.com/


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